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As a Health Care provider your needs  for access control, information management and facility management systems are critical to your patients' privacy, staff security and your business. Within the last decade, a heightened awareness of patient privacy, medical records (HIPPA) and controlled access has necessitated a complete re-evaluation of facility management.

The Health Care Industry relies on SDG Alarmtronics to enhance staff, facility and paitent security by controlling access to secure areas such as nurseries, pharmacies and medical supply areas.

Multiple Site Management.
Managing your outbuilding and remote facilities has never been easier than with the use of SDG Alarmtronics' web based access control solution. From your web browser instantly and easily manage and control multiple sites.

  • Unlock doors.
  • Receive email notification of events.
  • Change access levels for staff and patients.
  • Change schedules remotely.
  • Video capturing of access and events.

Meet compliance standards with customized access .
Protect sensitive patient records and comply with HIPAA standards by customizing access to record rooms. Limit access to drug supply rooms to avoid product loss and maintain drug safety protocol.

Easily keep track of employee activity for payroll purposes.
Confirm employee hours for payroll by monitoring the time employees enter and exit your facility as well as the time spent on non productive activities such as breaks. Get emails or text message notifications when drug supply rooms are accessed or if a card or code is denied.

Manage turnover and eliminate re-keying hassles and costs.
When a staff member leaves the employ of the medical office or when a new employee joins the staff, you can easily add, delete, or modify their privileges with a few mouse clicks. If the person in charge of daily unlocking/locking the office forgets his or her access card, you can remotely unlock the office.


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