Banking - Financial

In these turbulent times, your financial institution is challenged  with deriving income and controlling costs. With the convergence of IT with video, alarm and acess contol, cost effective solutions to better secure your financial facilities have never been more readily avaiable. Many manufacturers build products on open system platforms which enable creative security solutions that provide even tighter control and more robust management.

SDG Alarmtronics' team of engineers and staff brings vast experince to designing, installing and commisioning a total integrated security solution. A solution that provides broad access to video and access control solutions throughout your branch system. SDG Alarmtonices has uniquely positioned itself with key partners to provide these innovative solutions utilizing today's latest IT producst and services. Our services include:

  • Access Control  Systems
  • Video Surveilance Systems
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Hold Up Alarm
  • Night Depository Protetion
  • Safe & Vault Protection

 SDG Alarmtronics' banking and financial solutions are thoughtfully designed, installed and serviced with each client's concerns and unique requirements in mind.  Special Attention is given to provide the highest level of security in accordance with The Bank Protection Act while maintaining aesthetics and costs.

SDG Alarmtronics' Financial Enterprise Solution addresses the specific concerns of branch system institutions and provides a scalable process for integration of existing systems  into one manageable program for control.  Speak to one of SDG Alarmtronics' Bank Security Specialists for more information on how we can further protect you, your employees and your assets.



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