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Small Office Security

Executives and office managers have become increasingly concerned about the safety of their employees.  While many businesses leave their doors unlocked to foster a welcoming invitation for their customers, this courtesy may be putting your employees at risk.  SDG Alarmtronics' Secured Officetm system is uniquely designed to make your offices secure with a bundled system solution which includes:

  • Door locking and access control system
  • Intrusion alarm system
  • Door intercom system
  • Local door release
  • Web based system management
    • key fob/card additions and deletions
    • reports of access
  • Remote door release
  • Temperature or critical alarm monitoring
  • Email and text alerts of specific events
  • Automatic activity reports

Key features of SDG Alarmtronics' Secured Officetm bundled package:

Ongoing support from SDG Alarmtronics, as well as lifetime, automatic upgrades.
Unlike traditional access control systems, you choose who manages your system through our
 Secured Officetm client portal. SDG Alarmtronics offers you a full spectrum of support services including system administration, after hours monitoring and reporting together with automatic upgrades and updates for the life of your system.


Easily manage your system anytime and anywhere, so you can decrease IT costs.
Managing your Secured Officetm System doesn’t require access control knowledge, extensive training or support from your IT department. Whether you’re at another location, at the corporate office, or even on the road, Secured Officetm is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere you have internet access.

Protect your tenants and their businesses while reducing security staffing costs .
Grant complete access to full-time employees, and restrict access for contractors and maintenance staff. Synchronize your current alarm and video surveillance solution with Secured Officetm to record and bookmark video or turn the alarm on/off when a specific access event occurs thereby reducing security staffing costs.

  • Control access to shared areas such as public conference rooms in order to maintain cleanliness and decrease vandalism.
  • Receive automated emails and text message notifications on your cell phone or PDA in the event of an intrusion, suspicious activity or even if someone accesses the building after-hours or on holidays.
  •  Run daily, weekly, or monthly custom, on-demand reports filtered by suite, door, time, employee, etc.


Manage turnover and eliminate re-keying hassles and costs.
When an employee leaves your employ or a new employee joins the staff, you can add, delete, or modify their access privileges with a few mouse clicks. You also have the ability to remotely and automatically unlock/lock the building or any of the suites at any time.

For Property Managers

Tiered access gives your tenants the ability to customize access in their own suite.
Let your tenants manage the days and times during which authorized personnel can enter their own suite, including holidays and customized calendar schedules. Tenants can limit access to specific rooms in their suite to protect important documents or expensive equipment. Tenants can access their own account, while the property manager has access to all building activity.

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