Security System Myths

Myth #1: They're too expensive.

These days, an intrusion alarm system for home or businesses is quite affordable - a home or business can get a basic system for a few hundred dollars. We provide the equipment and installation for a modest fee and charge a low monthly monitoring rate.

Myth #2: There's no value to my bottom line.

You may never need it, but the small total investment will pale in comparison to the losses you could realize without protection - your family, home, equipment, merchandise, customer information, operation uptime, and even employee confidence that you run a safe work environment.

Myth #3: They're too hard to use.

Operating an intrusion alarm system can be as simple as memorizing a few numbers that make up your passcode.

Myth #4: I don't have time to read the manual.

It typically takes under 20 minutes to explain and demonstrate how intrusion alarm systems work.

Myth #5: The system won't work if my phone lines are cut or I lose power.

Our intrusion alarm systems are equipped with sophisticated battery and/or GSM/radio backup systems that will kick in right away should your power or phone connection fail.

Myth #6: False alarms will have us "crying wolf."

Many intrusion alarm systems allow you to cancel alarms yourself. There are also audible delay features to give authorized personnel time to prove to the monitoring station that they belong there.

Myth #7: They take too long to install.

An intrusion alarm system for a home or small-to-medium sized business can be installed in 4-8 hours. We can have your alarm up and running and your staff or family trained within a single workday in most cases

Myth #8: I don't need one; I have insurance.

Insurance exists to replace lost, stolen, or damaged property. But it can't replace the losses you or your company experiences due to downtime. What happens if an intruder rips up your personal belongings, phone system or smashes your servers? How about if they steal confidential information about you or your customers or partners? Insurance won't reimburse you for your lost or the fear you or your customers experience from having their identity tampered with.

With a monitored burglar alarm system installed, you and your business benefits are two-fold - you prevent people from breaking in, stealing or damaging your house, merchandise, equipment and information, and you also maintain your ability to keep your business running.

Something to think about

  • What does a safe neighborhood look like?
  • Many confuse a nice neighborhood for a safe one but if you were a burglar which type of house would you break into?
  • There is an average loss of $1,300 worth of properly per burglary.
  • Today about 1 in 6 homeowners has invested in an electronic security 
  • More and more Americans are saying that they feel safer with a home 
    security system.
  • Your chances of a break-in are highest right after you move into a 
    new home.  Burglars know that most people don't install security systems 
    until 2-4 years after they move in.
  • Burglars are more likely to break into your home between 9:30 am
    and 4:00 p.m. while you are at work or school.
  • Nearly half of all burglars enter through the front door, the rest choose 
    other doors and windows.


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